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Pasta with Crickets and Spelled Flour


poids3.bmpPasta with crickets and Spelled Flour
grill.bmpMade with cricket flour
France.bmpMade in Europe
Traditional manufacturing and old-fashioned drying
pecen.bmpProtein, low in gluten, rich in vitamins and minerals
crustac%C3%A9s.bmpShellfish, gluten Traces

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Artisanal low-gluten dry pasta made from small spelled flour, "outdoor" eggs, crickets (5%). Drying in the old, slow and low temperature.

 Cricket flour contains high quality protein and nutrients.
 It is very rich in fiber and trace elements.

Sport and dietetics: These pastes are perfect for athletes, tired, convalescent, wanting to lose weight, wanting to stay in shape or just looking for new flavors.

Ideal to share4 people (Recommendation 60 g per person)
Ingredientsflour of small spelled, flour of crickets,, eggs from organic farming, water, sal
Nutritional information / per 100gEnergy 369 kcal / 1561 kj Fats 5.1g Carbohydrates 66g Of which sugars 3.2g Protein 15g Salt 0.58g
Originfrench handcrafted
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