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Discovery Pack



Cricket,mealworms,locust,giant water bugs

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Discovery Pack

With the discovery pack you can enjoy as an aperitif or in a culinary preparation original edible insects or downright unusual with the formidable giant water scorpion.

This little pack will allow you to break the barrier of apprehension aroused by a first tasting of insects while sharing the experience and more is crazy more one has courage, the difficulty lies only in the first step towards tasting because once in the mouth the insects are not confusing and each has its own special flavor.


if you have decided to cook your insects do a little trick on our recipe page.

You can introduce it as is in a salad or compound in a hot preparation, a surprise quiche for example in this case we recommend you rehydrate in boiling water for 5 minutes before incorporating in your dish
Ideal to shareFor 4 people
Ingredientscrickets, mealworms, crickets, Giant water bugs
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