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A unique and tasty crunch

poids.bmplocusta migratoria 50g at 1kg to choice
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Traceability, packaged and controlled insects in Europe
eco-responsible breeding

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These large locusts are selected, rigorously.
They grew up in captivity and are fed with a 100% organic food you can incorporate in your recipes, or enjoy them directly out of the bag.

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This quality of locusts is unique unlike some locusts on the market the carbon footprint of their breeding is low because they grew up in outdoor parks. Some breeders do not apply this method for climatic reasons in Europe and also because this type of breeding is subject to seasonality. But we decided to opt resolutely for insects from ecoresponsible production so that this new sector does not reproduce the absurdities of intensive farming well known to all.
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Poids50g to 1kg of your choice
Ingredientslocusta migratoria
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