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Giant water bugs


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Giant water bugs (Belostomatidae)


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Giant water bugs (Belostomatidae)

Nepidae is a family of insects commonly known as water scorpions, it is actually an aquatic bug with a big dart with a terrible bite, hence its name. Water scorpions are carnivorous, eating animals from the pond, catching their prey with their front legs and sucking body fluids. They also have the opportunity to inflict painful bites that gave them their nickname "toe sting". The water scorpions are used mainly for their special aroma in Thai cuisine but also barbecue and served as snacks. Remove the outer wings before eating meat inside everything is edible from the legs to the head.  

The Adventurer:

Surprisingly the scorpion of water is very nourishing, try it as in the case of the lunch break that will be enough to confuse your colleagues but dare they do the same? The males are the most appreciated in Asia yet their taste is extremely strong, we save you that the shop sells only females.

NB: remove the wings

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