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2 Scorpions Noirs de Thaïlande

Black Scorpions


Its taste is similar to that of shrimp.


Black scorpions (Heterometrus)


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Black Scorpions

The Heterometrus Scorpions spinifer are common in most parts of Thailand and they are delicious.

Unlike the little yellow scorpions, the black scorpion has a rigid exoskeleton and a more tasty pulpit. It can be tasted directly out of the fresh bag.
These scorpions were boiled and dehydrated for several hours.
This process makes them somewhat fragile, but it does not affect their taste or the pleasure that can be felt in eating them.

Preparation tips :

To fully appreciate this new flavor:
- Step 1: Soak the scorpion in water 1/2 day. You can add soy sauce.
- Step 2: Pour the water into a saucepan and bring to a boil.
- Step 3: Add spices in small quantity (the scorpions are seasoned).
- Step 4: Place the scorpion in the water and leave on high heat for about 8 minutes. Serve hot!

NB: The head, abdomen and large forceps are very fleshy.


Place the scorpion under a UV light and watch the green glow of the skin.

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