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Fourmis Noire

Black ants


Used in Chinese medicine to help the immune system, reduce fatigue and increase muscle recovery.
poids.bmpBlack Ants (Pharmaceutical Grade)
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Tra%C3%A7abilit%C3%A9.bmpTraceability, traditional pharmaceutical origin
crustac%C3%A9s.bmpAllergens shellfish

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black ants

Have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help improve the immune system, reduce fatigue and increase muscle recovery. These medicinal ants have been used therapeutically to treat rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis in China.

Belonging to the family Formicidae, ants can be ingested as an extract, infusion of tea or wine when used in medicine, or eaten just like food.

Researchers suspect that ants contain anti-inflammatory analgesic substances, which are responsible for their health benefits.
Black ants are also rich in protein.


the ants that are generally available on the market are dry, in truth they have been emptied of their formic acid with toning and healing virtues, they are waste of the pharmaceutical industry. Our ants have not been touched and remain full of this acid ...

Using advice :

infuse or use in a culinary preparation, as an aromatic or main ingredient, these ants are excellent for tonus,


cool between 5 ° C and 18 ° C away from moisture
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IngredientsBlack Ants (Pharmaceutical Grade)
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