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A delicious snack with a unique and exotic flavor.

pcs4.bmpArchispirostreptus 12cm
pcs2.bmpArchispirostreptus gigas 17cm
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France.bmptraceability, from a traditional pharmaceutical network

Allergens  shellfish

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Unrecognized and surprising, some species of giant centipedes reach record sizes.

Discover our millipedes, they are roasted in the oven until they are crisp, then they are tasty seasoned. They can be enjoyed with a sweet Chili sauce.

The thousand feet are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to fight against epilepsy and convulsions.


The Adventurer:

For nothing to hide their taste is extremely strong, especially the giants.

Do you dare to try it? This experience can only be unusual, not to mention that traditional Chinese medicine attributes many virtues to this insect. To this day conventional science has proved their effect on convulsions.


* The information on traditional medicine should be taken as information do not undertake any treatment on this basis.
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