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Mini Locusts Mexican Way

Mexican Locusts


Wake up your diners with the authentic Mexican flavor recipe spicy and tasty
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Our Locusts for the aperitif

Enjoy a fun and unusual aperitif with our finely seasoned locusts.
In fact it is in our laboratory that our cook Mathieu develops these seasonings for insects, simply based on the best spices and no preservatives or chemicals are added and even less sugar or emulsifiers of any kind.
It is by taking inspiration from the habits and customs observed in the regions where insects are regularly consumed that these recipes are developed, but also from our well-loved and appreciated flavors. Our own recipe with herbs that will not fail to remind you of Provence.
With these Aperitif Locusts you can be sure to consume quality and at least original products at the best price on the market thanks to our eco-friendly short circuit.


With a taste halfway between grilled bacon and baked potato, locusts and grasshoppers are commonly eaten in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In some agricultural areas they destroy crops and are the only sources of food for the population.
Today with the development of entomophagy as a viable economic solution is essential to meet the global food challenge, wild locusts become for the populations, an interesting alternative income source.


Small locusts or grasshoppers are eaten in Mexico in rather spicy preparations. Try it and incorporate it into your tortillas. At the aperitif experiment our box Mini Locusts to the Mexican


Ideal to shareFor 4 people
IngredientsMexican spices, peppers,locusts
Nutritional information / per 100gEnergy value 590 Kcal Protein 74.8g Lipids 21.2g Of which saturated fatty acid 9g Carbohydrates 2.2g Minerals 1.8g
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