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THE COCKTAIL BOX: Insectementvotre the guarantee of an unusual aperitif and succeeds

5 flavored insects-5 flavors-10g per insect
%C3%A0%20partager.bmpTo share for minimum 8 people
ap%C3%A9ro.bmpIdeal as an aperitif

  traceability, packaged and controlled insects in Europe, eco-responsible farming
crustac%C3%A9s.bmpCrustacean allergens

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«Cocktail BOX» Insectementvotre

With this box you will be able to discover the panel of our recipes of edible insects for the aperitif. We wanted it with a variable content to make you discover our new recipes continuously, but also to offer you exclusive new recipes to come. This box contains 50g of flavored insects or 5 different flavors and / or 5 different insects. Do not look what to offer when you are invited for an aperitif with friends. The Cocktail Box is the guarantee of a successful gift and a tasty and gourmet moment.

In fact it is in our laboratory that our cook Mathieu develops these seasonings for insects, simply based on the best spices and no preservatives or chemicals are added and even less sugar or emulsifiers of any kind.

It is by taking inspiration from the habits and customs observed in the regions where insects are regularly consumed that these recipes are developed, but also from our well-loved and appreciated flavors. our own recipe with herbs that will not fail to remind you of Provence.
With these edible insects you have the assurance of consuming products of qualities and at least original at the best price of the market thanks to our ecoresponsible short circuit.

Although they have traditionally been consumed by billions of human beings: Asia, Africa and Latin America.
In the West they are often greeted by skepticism and disgust. It is difficult for us to imagine consume, these little beasts that jump, crawl and swarm ...
And yet insects are actually delicious and rich in nutrients.
We used to consume: shrimps, snails and oysters ... whose texture is often more confusing than that of insects.
This is an unusual gift idea. These original compositions will allow you to make unanimity with family or friends.

Ideal to shareFor a minimum of 8 people
Ingredients50g of flavored insects or 5 different flavors and / or 5 different insects
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