Our homemade pasta with insect meal

Our homemade pasta with insect meal

Insectementvotre loves the right products the genuine products, which is why the pasta chocolates lollipop cookies ... that you find on our shop are made by craftsmen with the best products.
Today we invite you to discover our homemade pasta maker. Note that many of our competitors offer insect pasta some are sourcing from us and offer our pasta under their own brands, others call on other manufacturers.
But know that pasta spelled, spirulina and durum wheat are exclusively produced by ourselves and our craftsman.

The craftsman

Located in Thiéfosse, in a small village nestled in the heart of the Massif des Hautes Vosges Regional Park, in a haven of greenery away from major cities and therefore spared by pollution, the craft company, the Atelier à Pâtes, was born. in 2012, specializing in the production of fresh and dry pasta made from the most local raw materials possible: eggs from Basse sur le Rupt (88), plants (garlic of bears, nettle ...) grown in organic farming, harvested then dried by the producers of plants of the Vosges Massif, saffron grown and harvested by Safran des Payoux Plombières les Bains (88), shiitake and spirulina vosgian, small spelled Lorraine, durum wheat from the south of France, water from Vosges mountains ...
The pasta is made with bronze molds and is dried for ten hours in a dryer at low temperature, which allows them to retain all the aromas and benefits of the plants they contain.
Bagging of dry pasta is done manually on a semi-automatic machine as all labels on the bags are affixed manually.
The specificity of the pasta made in the Thiéfosse workshop is due as much to their original forms (trottole, rooster crests, radiatore ..) as to their original flavors (ceps, lemon, saffron, basil, nettle, wild garlic, trio colorful, turmeric, ...) or their packaging "terroir" kraft paper window.
The small artisanal structure has also developed several ranges of high protein pasta for sports and fitness based on Vosges spirulina grown in Rancourt and flours of insects.
It also offers its customers Lorraine pasta, a reduced-gluten range and gluten-free rice flour and buckwheat pasta, which is recommended for people with allergies or intolerances to gluten.

Enjoy your meal !


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