flavored edible insects|Aperitif boxes

flavored insects|Aperitif boxes

Here you will find the products of the brand insectement created in 2014 and belonging to the ltd TRY M EAT.

Edible insects in this range have all been fed, bred and selected with great care for our curious and demanding clientele. TRY ME EAT is first of all a company devoted to the development of the edible insect breeding and the wholesale sale of these.

In order to democratize their consumption we wanted to offer you this range of products to discover the entomophagy with the best value for money of the market, in these bags tasting of 25g you will appreciate without doubt new exotic flavors


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    <p><span id="result_box" xml:lang="en" lang="en"><span>Edible insects for aperitif an original idea.</span><br /><span>Insectementvotre offers you a wide range of flavored edible insects for aperitif</span></span></p>

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