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Buffalo mexican taste

Wake up your diners with the authentic Mexican flavor recipe spicy and tasty
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Our Buffalos for the aperitif

Enjoy a fun and unusual aperitif with our finely seasoned Buffalos.
In fact it is in our laboratory that our cook Mathieu develops these seasonings for insects, simply based on the best spices and no preservatives or chemicals are added and even less sugar or emulsifiers of any kind.
It is by taking inspiration from the habits and customs observed in the regions where insects are regularly consumed that these recipes are developed, but also from our well-loved and appreciated flavors. Our own recipe with herbs that will not fail to remind you of Provence.
With these Buffalos appetizers you have the assurance to consume quality products and at least original at the best price on the market thanks to our ecoresponsible short circuit.


These delicious little worms are absolutely delicious, their small taste will not fail to delight you, at first you will be grabbed by their crunchy and their soft mouth.
These small worms are a success of the breeding of edible insects in Europe, relatively little known entomophages we have chosen to be one of the first shop to make them taste.

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Edible insects are a response to the food issues of tomorrow. Simple to grow, high in protein and low ecological footprint, insect consumption makes sense from a nutritional and ecological point of view. Insectementvotre, also wishes this food has a sense from a taste point of view! We hope you enjoy this insect and its seasoning and you will join the entomovores to make normal insects on our plates and especially as an aperitif!


Data sheet

Ideal to share
For 4 people
Mexican spices, peppers, buffalos
Nutritional information / per 100g
Energy Rating 490KcalProtein 59gLipids 37gOf which saturated fatty acid 6g3g CarbohydratesMinerals 1g