poids3.bmp  oil 500ml or 150ml
grill.bmp Made with mealworms extract
France.bmp Made in Europe
Traditional manufacturing
pecen.bmp Protein, low in gluten, rich in vitamins and minerals
crustac%C3%A9s.bmp Shellfish, gluten Traces

produits en boite

This shortbread recipe is exactly the original recipe of our childhood revisited in the entomophagous fashion. This is a taste experience not to be missed. These shortbreads made by a baker craftsman contain only good products: rustic wheat flour organic and salt Guérande unrefined or sugar cane Brazil.
Conservative did you say ?! Never, no it is certainly to discover the benefits of edible insects but also the taste of simple and authentic products, so no added sugar or preservatives or anything that is near or far chemical. Our artisanal recipes made by artisans is only the taste the taste and the unusual, thanks to our edible locust flour that brings a protein supplement and a small full-bodied flavor.

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oil of mealworms
crustaceans and gluten