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A cricket for a drink ... Why not?
Crickets 100% insecticide your taste the difference
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Our crickets are bought domestica.

Our crickets are fed a diet of vegetables and mixed grain flour. Without pesticides. We work with two small local farms, and benefit from technical assistance from Khon Kaen University, which regularly monitors production.

These two partnerships promote the local economy and research in entomoculture and provide us with health monitoring of regular and serious production as well as applied agricultural methods.
We also perform bacteriological tests on each batch of insects before and after slaughter.

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It is customary in Asia to consume only egg-eating crickets for females and our crickets are no exception to this rule. In addition, unlike most crickets found in Asian markets or specialty shops in Europe, our crickets have never been frozen.

You can easily return them to the pan incorporate them in your recipes and of course keep them if you resist the urge to eat them all
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