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A unique taste !!
Long raised for silk in France, it has always been considered as a dish of choice in Asia ...

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Reared in a sericulture farm
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Bombyx Mori silkworm

Entirely dependent on the man for his reproduction and his food. Its ancestral breeding in the magnaneries of Ardeche and the Cevennes, declined in the middle of the XVIII, in favor of the cheaper Oriental silk. Today some breedings resist held by passionate people who make live the memory of the glorious period of the French silk.

And here is a sector that we thought we wanted to disappear. Find with entomophagy, an opportunity to be reborn with the production of silkworms, for human food and why not then to return to a sericulture production France.
They can be eaten whole straight out of the bag.
Silkworms are rich in protein, and essential fatty acids.


Crunchy is very fragrant the silkworm is appreciated very well between two slices of bread and salad. He can also accompany a honey crepe ...

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Bombyx Mori