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Bamboo Worms


A tasty snack, rich in protein.

poids.bmp Bamboo worms Omphisa fuscidentalis
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The bamboo worm

Considered a quality dish. The bamboo worm is full of protein. It will certainly make you crack, with its small fresh taste and its unique mellowness that make it an inimitable flavor ...

Our small worms have been lightly seasoned, this is an insect to say the least tasty in Thailand it is a luxury dish served on the largest table do not hesitate to taste it as is without any support in order to smell all its intriguing aromas

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The Bamboo Worm is one of the most common larvae in Thai food.
It is appreciated for its taste and texture, similar to roasted corn.
The Bamboo Worm feeds on the flowering bamboo.
It was originally collected from trees, but is now grown on farms.

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