• Vers de Farine saveur thaï

Vers de Farine saveur thaï

The roundness of curry combined with the strength of chilli for the pleasure of your taste buds
poids.bmp Mealworms (molitor)appetizer

Finely seasoned

%C3%A0%20partager.bmp To share for 4 pepole
ap%C3%A9ro.bmp Ideal as an aperitif
europe.bmp traceability, packaged and controlled insects in Europe, eco-responsible farming
crustac%C3%A9s.bmp Shellfish allergens

Our mealworms for the aperitif

Enjoy a fun and unusual aperitif with our finely seasoned mealworms.
In fact it is in our laboratory that our cook Mathieu develops these seasonings for insects, simply based on the best spices and no preservatives or chemicals are added and even less sugar or emulsifiers of any kind.
It is by taking inspiration from the habits and customs observed in the regions where insects are regularly consumed that these recipes are developed, but also from our well-loved and appreciated flavors. Our own recipe with herbs that will not fail to remind you of Provence.
With these mealworms appetizers you have the assurance to consume quality products and at least original at the best price on the market thanks to our ecoresponsible short circuit.

The mealworms

The edible insect most appreciated by insect consumers (entomophage).
Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals of all kinds.
The mealworms have a taste similar to that of the hazelnut and almond, which may surprise, but also making it an edible insect that is pleasant and easy to consume.

As with the vast majority of other edible insect species, the mealworm contains a concentration of nutritional values, compared to meat from traditional herds such as beef or mutton and very low in fat.


The mealworm can be eaten salty or sweet so if you feel like it we suggest you incorporate it into your daily recipes such as salads or cacke, brownian cookies ... Open the field of possible with this insect goes everywhere.Nos vers de farine pour l'apéritif


Data sheet

Ideal to share
For 4 people
Curry, hot pepper, garlic,molitor
Nutritional information / per 100g
Energy value 490KcalProteins 59gLipids 37gof which saturated fatty acid 6gCarbohydrates 3gMinerals 1g