Crunchy Fourmiz

europe.bmp Made in europe
Art.bmp Hand-made by French master chocolatier
AV.bmp Ideal for fun and unusual challenges
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crustac%C3%A9s.bmp Allergens shellfish, may contain traces of nuts
Type de chocolat

Crunchy Fourmiz

The chocolate bar with black ants, this is a shelf that is out of the ordinary and that disgusts.
The combined medicinal virtues of black ants and the well-known virtues of chocolate. Indeed, black ants have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help improve the immune system, reduce fatigue and increase muscle recovery. These virtues associated with that of chocolate, provide you with an energizing snack for a moment of unique pleasure.

A pleasure to share, chocolates are associated with holiday moments and the desire to please.
Whether it is the occasion of the holidays or for a particular occasion, a perfect idea to please his guests and his friends.

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Our chocolates are currently the best on the market, made by artisan chocolatiers COULOIS.
Our insects present the best report taste and nutritional. These chocolates are made with the insects that work best with cocoa.

Data sheet

shellfish, traces of milk, nuts, sesame
dark chocolate, milk or white to choose