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Sapelli caterpillars


The edible insect, the most nutritious in the world.

 dried caterpillar 
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Insects from a sustainable development program of the FAO
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Sapelli caterpillars

Boiled or grilled, the African caterpillar, Sapelli, is the most consumed edible insect in Africa.

  The ones we are proposing come directly from a group of farmers approved and federated by FAO, they are at the heart of an economic and food program in West Africa and a great success of sustainable development in Africa which we have would like to support us by offering you these delicious caterpillars. It has been proven that 100 grams of cooked caterpillar bring you 100% of your energy needs.



Rinse the caterpillars, soak 5h, boil 10min, pour the water, boil 10min.

You can then return the caterpillars with butter or olive oil and eat them with rice.

If you cook meat in sauce a few caterpillars will surely give an intense scent to your dish

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